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services and facilities

Check out what's available in your accommodations!

The list of channels is close to the TV.

The monocommand of the shower controls the temperature and outflow of the water. Rotate to left or right to regulate the temperature and pull the handspike to control the intensity of the water.

We recommend that you open the cold water first and turn it hot slowly to avoid accidents.

Safe Deposit Box

Every room has an individual safe deposit box in the closet. It is electronic and the password is personal. Follow the instructions placed in the door of safety box to close, open and change passwords. We recommend to keep all your value objects in the safe during your stay.

mini bar
The items of your fridge will be replaced daily. Check the list of prices in the room service menu. If you desire any specific item, please request it to the front desk.

Your room will be cleaned daily between 8am and 3:30pm. The turndown service is also daily from 6pm and 8pm. If you need your room cleaned in any specific time, please request it to Housekeeping and check availability. We will do our best to make it possible.

Housekeeping is also responsible for replacing towels, minibar items and amenities. Services available between 8am and 8pm. After this time ask the Front Desk.

Do not to turn on the Jacuzzi with the bathtub empty. It may cause damages to the equipment. First complete it with water and then press the bottom.

You can make direct phone calls from the rooms. You have outside line for local, long distance and international calls dialing number “0”.

For local phone calls, dial zero followed by the local number.

For long distance calls inside the country, dial “0” + “021” + area code without zero + number.

For international phone calls, dial “0” + “0021” + country code without zeros + area code without zero + number.

To call another room, dial the room number directly.

If you have any problems to complete your phone call, contact the Front Desk for assistance.


Destination 1st minute

Local calls R$ 1,00
Additional Minute R$ 1,00 

Local Cellphones R$ 4,50

Additional Minute R$ 5,00

Long Distance calls in Brazil R$ 3,50

Additional Minute R$ 4,00

Long Distance calls R$ 6,00

Additional Minute R$ 7,00

To cellphones in Brazil International calls in America R$ 12,00

Additional Minute R$ 15,00

International calls to Europe R$ 17,00

Additional Minute R$ 20,00

International calls to Asia and other countries R$ 18,00

Additional Minute R$ 24,00

Please contact the Front Desk for assistance. We do provide a luggage room to keep your luggage for a short period of time, although we cannot be held responsible for its contents. Luggage unclaimed after a six months period will be donated to charity.
Disposal of Needles and Syringes

The disposal of needles and syringes, when performed safely, helps to reduce the environmental impact and also avoids the risk of accidents and disease transmission to the employees.

When used in the hotel’s facilities, the needles should be disposed in glass or plastic bottles with lids. Please notify the front desk to collect the bottles.

Furniture, utensils and equipment
Any damage caused to our furniture, linen and utensils will be charged to your room bill according to the hotels price list.

For your and other guest’s safety, any visitor must be identified at the Front Desk. We remind you that the behavior of a visitor on premises is his host responsibility.

We do not allow under any circumstances the entrance of minors into guest’s rooms without their parents or legal tutors written authorization.


The voltages of the outlets in the apartment are 110v and 220v and are identified for use.

In case of a power outage, the apartment has an emergency outlet, properly identified, powered by a generator.

air conditioning

Your suite has an independent system in each room that controls ventilation, temperature and refrigeration through the air conditioning.

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