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Here at the George V safety comes first in your stay!


The lifts and the apartment door open only by keycard. The instructions of using are in the back of the card. The key card expires automatically according to your departure schedule. If you need to extend your stay, please request also the key extension at the Front Desk.

Keep your card away from magnetic fields such as mobile phone and mp3 players to avoid the possibility of interfering in the magnetism. The magnetic card is also needed to turn on and off the energy saver that is located by the door. When in the room, keep your card always in the energy saver slot.

Warning: we do not respond for the incorrect use of the key cards after giving it to the guest. In case of lost, a picture id will be required to provide another key and only guests registered will have access to the room key.

Use your magnetic key on our elevators to release access to the specific floor of your apartment. In the event of a power outage, our generator maintains a social elevator on.
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